Clothing the poor

Every year, as Winter looms large across Romania, millions face the harsh reality of enduring cold for months. The local climate shifts from the extreme heats of Summer to the biting cold of Winter.

This is were the local church of Bădila, a small village in the foothills of the Carpathians, steps up and tries to bring hope in the lives of many. Clothing and shoes for children is the main priority. In a community with many orphans and poverty stricken families, a pair of boots or a jacket can make an enormous difference.

The church of Bădila has offered clothing and shoes to over 30 children until now, but many more are in dire need. Your generosity and support will allow us to extend this program to more children and teenagers. A $60 donation can cloth one such disenfranchised child and make his Winter easier.

In this way, we hope to bring them some warmth for their bodies and hope for their souls. Sometimes sharing the Gospel starts with a warm act of kindness.