Growing the church of tomorrow


Growing the church of tomorrow


In a country boasting a nominal Christianity so many churches are in disarray. While many mainstream churches are empty, there are large numbers of Christian communities still have no place of worship to call it their own or gather in crowded places of worship. We seek to help these communities and your support could see us encourage them in meaningful ways. Be it through new churches being planted in remote areas our present churches being transformed to better serve the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Christ.

... or you can help today one of these churches that are already part of the program.

Shalom Church

Shalom Church (Vaslui) is a beacon of hope for those seeking Christ in an area where Christianity is mostly nominal.

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Țigănești Church

In an area where people are reluctant to hearing the Gospel, the local church of Țigănești is constantly striving to spread the amazing message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Grebenaț Church

A Romanian Christian community beyond the borders of Romania, serving Christ in a foreign land (Serbia).

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There is a tremendous need of church planting in Romania. With a population of over 20 million people, only about 6% are born again Christians.

Due to the specific religious environment of Romania, worship in a private home is perceived as inappropriate and often labeled as “a heretical cult” . A dedicated church building provides legitimacy to the group of believers meeting there and therefore the building itself becomes crucial for outreach.

In addition, the fast pace of growth of many churches has increased the need for expansion and for classroom space for children ministries.

Funding church construction projects faces another burden in Romania since the current banking system does NOT offer loans to churches. This is why some construction projects are stretched over many years, as the church is unable to raise the necessary funds from the local membership (not to mention the low-income level of most church members).

If you would like to get involved, here are some ways to do it:

donate for a specific Church construction project highlighted in our publications (Inside Romania or monthly letters). donate to the general Church Construction Fund that allows us to respond to various needs of local churches in Romania. travel to Romania to participate directly in a construction project.

For more information
and a list of current opportunities,
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