Book publication

Christian literature has the unique ability to reach those who may not have access to a church or a Christian community. In prisons, hospitals, remote villages, and beyond, these books serve as messengers of God's love, offering spiritual comfort and guidance. Christian literature can serve as a bridge between believers and those seeking the truth. Gifting a book to a friend or family member can be a gentle and effective way to introduce them to the message of the Gospel and invite them to discover the fellowship we have as redeemed children of God. For those who are called to share the Gospel, Christian literature can be an invaluable resource. It equips us with knowledge, inspiration, and testimony to effectively convey the message of God's love to others. That is why for most of its existence, The Romanian Missionary Society had a passion for the translation and publishing of Christian books in Romanian. It costs approximately $6,000 to translate and edit an average size book, and about $8,000 to print it. Your support would allow us to provide many of these valuable resources to an increasing number of Christians, missionary workers and non-believers.