Summer Camps

We celebrate the transformative power of a Christian summer camp for underprivileged youth in Romania. Basically, we recognize that a supportive environment, faith-based teachings, and memorable experiences can make a huge difference in the lives of young people in challenging circumstances.

In Romania, many disadvantaged youth face limited resources, difficult family situations, and a lack of opportunities. That's where our Christian summer camps come in, designed to close that gap and serve as a beacon of hope. By providing a caring space, we create an environment that encourages personal growth, lasting friendships, and most importantly, spiritual development.

By investing in these summer camps, we are investing in the future of disadvantaged youth in Romania. We believe every young person should have the opportunity to experience joy, develop faith and form lasting connections. Drawing on the power of Christian values, these camps provide a safe haven for young people to grow in their faith, discover their purpose, and come to know Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Join us in making a difference by supporting and promoting these Christian summer camps for underprivileged youth in Romania. Together we can empower a generation, shape the future, and create a ripple effect of change that goes far beyond summer camp. Let us provide them with a place to encounter Christ and his transforming power.